Of Love and Rage

    Duncan, Quince
    ISBN 9789968050180
    ISBN 9789968050180 (edición electrónica)
    Año 2023
    70 páginas, 1a edición
    0 gramos, 21cm x 14cm
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6.98 USD
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Love and Rage, above all, invites us to reflect on ourselves. The message, intentional or not, is inevitable; it is a song of love in its various manifestations: the love of a spouse, filial love, affinity, the desire to merge with the loved one, with the fears and daring, with the silences and roars, with the risks. But it is also a conflicting song that faces us with self-love, impelling us to self-acceptance, and to the acceptance of the other.

In contrast to love, there is anger, breeding hatred, posing challenges, and which is in fact, the other side of the same coin. And that dichotomy, in the tales of this collection, is universal. There it is, on the plains of Australia; among the hills, small valleys and flowing rivers of the Southern Zone of Costa Rica or in the northern Province of Guanacaste. Joy and suffering, bewilderment and mystery.
After all, that's what love and rage is all about.